Flirtsignale der Frauen
Flirtsignale und Körpersprache zeigen, ob eine Frau Interesse hat

Flirtsignale von Frauen richtig deuten

Women show their interest in a man flirting verbally and non-verbally. For men, their body language is not easy to interpret. Is it a date or not? Is she interested or is she averse? That decides in a few seconds. We show how to correctly interpret women’s body language and flirtation signals.

Even today, most women want to be addressed by men. Much has not changed in the classic role allocation in relation to the Flirtverhalten. This resulted in a parship survey of around 2,000 singles in Germany: 13% of the women surveyed consider it the task of the man to take the first step. At most 50% would be willing to jump over their shadow at best. The active conquest of a man is only suitable for 5% of the surveyed single women.

It’s not just shy men that pose a challenge. What helps is to interpret their flirting signals correctly. Women often show in a playful way that they like a man. The body language does not lie.

Nonverbal flirtsignals of women

We owe to the Austrian-American communication scientist and sociologist Paul Watzlawick the realization that in principle one can not communicate . Women flirt consciously and unconsciously. Nonverbal flirting signals can indeed be used purposefully, but also betray a secret interest. The body language is difficult to control. That’s why it shows better than verbal flirting whether the woman is interested in a man or not. Looks, facial expression and body language betray the attraction.

1. Smile

Smile or laughter is often an unmistakable sign of the flirtatiousness of the woman. The type of smile is decisive. A woman who would like to get to know a man better, smiles warmly, seductively and intensively with her mouth slightly open. Not only does she pull the corners of her mouth upwards. Her eyes „smile“ with. This is recognizable by small wrinkles that arise around her eyes. Dilated pupils mean great interest. Sometimes she may throw her head back when smiling or laughing. This shows her neck, a vulnerable and at the same time erogenous zone.

2. Frequent eye contact

With a smile is usually associated with frequent eye contact. She looks at him with wide, attentive eyes, smiles, looks away again – and with a smile back. Is her gaze aimed directly into his eyes?

eye contact
Frequent eye contact is a clear flirting signal

Does she keep her eye contact while she gives him a warm, seductive smile? Is she licking her lips? Excitement, maybe even excitement, makes her mouth dry. So that’s a very intense flirting signal! Sometimes her gaze wanders down from top to bottom. Her expression tells you if she likes what she sees.

It is also crucial where her gaze goes when looking away for a moment. If she looks down for a moment, she is very interested. If you look away to the side, neutrality signals. If you look up, you are bored. If this happens in conversation, the man should immediately change the subject and involve them more.

3. Body and head tilt

Does she lean her body forward slightly? In conversation this is a clear Flirtinweis. He can look at her cleavage. If there is a smile, a glance or a deep look, no questions should remain unanswered. It is worth keeping an eye on the inclination of your head. Does a woman slightly lean her head aside as she lets her eyes wander over the man’s body or seek eye contact? This is a clear flirting signal, because even here she bares her neck.

4. The game with hair and on clothes

Often, a woman who likes a man begins to consciously or unconsciously play with her hair. This can be a touch or a back stroke. She wants to look good. The same applies if she straightens her clothes after looking at the man. Maybe she smooths out her T-shirt or checks if her blouse fits well.

5. The reduction of the distance zone

Distance while flirting
If the woman stays at a distance while flirting, that is not a good sign

Usually people keep a respectful distance from each other. The usual distance is between 60 cm and 1.50 m. The closer two people are, the smaller this zone becomes. Good friends probably approach to 60 cm, relatives or colleagues are – depending on their sympathy – in all likelihood a little further away from us. If one can not avoid being closer to strangers, for example when standing in a queue, in crowded public transport or in elevators, the distance is created in a different way: one no longer looks directly at oneself, but lets one’s eyes wander. Verbal communication is usually avoided.

If a woman breaks through this distance zone during a conversation and approaches a man closer than 60 cm , she signals intense interest . This is especially true if she breaks through the rest of the distance and touches him as if by chance on the shoulder, knee or arm.

6. The attitude of the legs

Most women like to sit with legs crossed over each other. It is interesting to see in which direction the upper leg and upper body are pointing. In the direction of the man? Then he likes her. If she has to get up, she will move in his direction and thus reduce the distance to her counterpart. However, if the overturned leg points in the other direction, there is no further interest on their part. The same applies if she moves her feet restlessly. Then she would like to leave quickly.

7. Reflecting the body language of the man

If he clears his throat, she clears her throat, too. He grabs his chin, she does it shortly thereafter. The unconscious copying of gestures shows a high sympathy level. The consonance can extend to the respiratory movements, the way of speaking and the choice of words. This mirror technique can also be used deliberately. This subtlety is in demand. The other person should not feel embarrassed. From time to time to repeat a head movement, a word or a gesture, can help to create sympathy with another person. If the woman is interested, her overall gestures are characterized by their liveliness. She moves a lot, looks fresh, alert and active.

8. Longing for touch

If a woman is attracted to a man, it can happen that she begins to caress herself unintentionally. Maybe she strokes her arm, touching her neck, her legs or her neckline. This shows a longing for touch. The man who is near her has a good chance of talking to her.

Verbal flirts of women

1. Direct address: The clearest flirtation signal of women

It happens rarely, but it happens: Much more clearly than the first step, a woman can probably not express that she likes a man. If she starts a conversation, it shows that she wants to get to know him better.

2. Verbal utterances

During a conversation, a woman’s interest can be clearly recognized by her reactions. Does she listen attentively? If she keeps dropping in on a short comment, asking questions, or emotionally responding with a „cool , “ „wow,“ or „what, really?“ , She keeps the conversation going. She does not want the man to finish the conversation.

Attentive listening
If the woman listens attentively, she is interested

The more important she is, the faster she speaks and answers. At the same time, their looks, smiles and other body language betray their interest. The length of a conversation already tells many about the opportunities the man has with the woman. Is she laughing at his jokes? This is also an important flirting signal and indicator of a romantic-erotic interest on the part of the woman. At least equally clear are compliments.

3. Conversation topics

If the conversation goes well beyond small talk, because she reports something personal about herself, that is also promising. She obviously wants him to meet her. Confidentiality is only shared with people who are perceived as sympathetic. At the same time, it is an invitation to ask further and to deepen the conversation.

4. Volume and tone

Does a woman speak quietly and slowly in noisy surroundings? That can be intentional. To hear what she says, he has to move closer to her. At least with his ear. This gives her the opportunity to speak directly into it. She can perceive his scent and see if she can „smell“ him.

The 5 flirt types

How serious are women really with their flare signals?

Some flirt strategies are more emotional, others more physical. Communications scientist Jeffrey Hall of the University of Kansas has conducted studies on female and male flirtation and has published the findings in his book „The Five Flirting Styles: Using the Science of Flirting to Attract the Love You Really Want“. He crystallizes five different types of flirting out.

Result: The way women’s flirting is shaped already indicates what intentions are behind the flirtation. Are you looking for a solid relationship, a funny conversation or maybe a one-night-stand?

The physical: flirting with sexiness

„The physical“ flirt with full physical effort. „Dress to impress“ is her credo. Dressed in sexy, they put on their smiles, play with their hair or touch the man they care about. They clearly show with their body language that they are attracted to a man. The optics are in the foreground. Women who belong to this type of flirtation are easily passionately inflamed. Accordingly, sexual interactions quickly occur. But these conditions are often not permanent. Because just as quickly as they enter into a relationship, they end this again. They are in principle open to flirting. Sometimes they date several men at once. They like parties, action and men who are wild and crazy.

The playful: flirting without serious intentions

Just flirting
For some women, flirting is just a game

Some women consider flirting as a game. They enjoy the interaction itself. That is, flirting is a self-awakening for them. Behind it are not necessarily far-reaching intentions. Fun in the exchange and playful verbal combats are in the foreground. Sometimes these women just enjoy the attention of men. Sometimes they use flirting for clever manipulation. The man in love does her a favor, gives her drinks, washes her car or repairs her washing machine. It flatters her ego to be courted and to be at the center of male interest. Women of this flirting type are known for non-binding encounters.The playful flirting can be more, but not necessarily. Long-term relationships are rather rare among women of this flirting type. Anyone who falls in love with such a woman must expect a broken heart.

The polite: flirting with serious intentions

Among the polite flirtatious are reserved women who completely renounce sexual innuendo. Instead, they rely on their charm. Your goal is to establish as deep a contact as possible in the conversation. For them, a solid relationship is the most important thing. They respect each other respectfully and, above all, shy away from what might seem offensive. Touch and compliment they use sparingly. This makes it difficult for men to assess whether they are interested. Conversely, politely flirtatious women are not easily aware of whether a man signals serious intentions. By themselves, they only become active in exceptional cases. Professor Jeffrey Hall found that women over 40 prefer this style.

The Serious: Exchange with emotional depth

Women who belong to the serious flirting reject the non-binding exchange. When they approach someone or respond to a man, serious intentions are behind it. Sexual attraction alone is not enough for them to engage in a relationship. They are looking for the emotional connection. Unison. They really want to get to know the other person, their strengths and weaknesses. The partnerships of these women are usually long-term connections. Accordingly, they often find their relationships online, where the intensive verbal exchange is more prominent than random encounters in everyday life.

The traditional: to be courted and conquered by men

Women who like to fit into conventional role models are among the traditional flirtatious women. They like old-school men who court them, stop the door, and adjust the chair before sitting down. They enjoy being courted by a man and slowly conquered. When a relationship develops, love slowly evolves out of an initial friendship.

Identify the dominant flirting style of women

Although the flirting styles mix with some people, it turns out that usually a certain Flirtstil dominates. An awareness of the different flirting techniques helps to reconsider one’s own position. Those looking for a serious relationship should be wary of a playful or physically flirtatious woman. If you are looking for a one-night-stand, you will hardly find favor with a traditionally, seriously or politely flirtatious woman.

12 flirt signals signaling interest

  • She laughs at his witty remarks and jokes, even if they are not very successful.
  • In conversations she cuts personal topics.
  • She plays with her hair strands, strokes her hair or twirls around it.
  • In conversation she is very attentive and remembers details.
  • She seeks direct eye contact, lets her gaze glide down briefly and then looks back.
  • Proximity at a distance of less than 60 cm is no problem.
  • She licks her lips.
  • Her rolled-up leg and upper body are facing the man.
  • She straightens her clothes during the conversation.
  • Entertainments keep her active.
  • She compliments the man.

To be on the safe side when assessing their flirtation signals, men should take their time and analyze the body language in interaction . If several meet together, the man should have a heart and address the woman. The majority of ladies still expect the first step to come from him. If this fails, they interpret the man’s reaction – or rather, the man’s lack of reaction – as a disinterest. Read more: Address women

10 signs that a woman is not interested

  • The woman avoids eye contact.
  • She smiles and laughs a little.
  • Her feet are fidgeting nervously.
  • Her overturned leg points away from the man.
  • She seems absent-minded in conversations, says little, hardly listens, and actively contributes nothing to the conversation.
  • Her eyes glide upwards.
  • She uses every opportunity to greet passers-by and attract another conversation partner.
  • Your attention span is short.
  • She tries to end the call actively.
  • Her arms are crossed over her chest.

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