Diese Komplimente hört garantiert jede Frau gerne

Diese Komplimente begeistern jede Frau

Honestly complimented every woman likes to hear, even if the appreciative words only refer to their appearance. After all, women make every effort to be attractive to the men’s world. In existing relationships, compliments to their character are more effective. They tell you how close you are and whether it’s a superficial flirtation or real, deep feelings. We give tips for compliments that make women smile.

To compliment strangers requires courage. It can be a door opener in flirting and small talk, if the chemistry is right and the compliment is sincere. Tone, facial expressions and gestures are also crucial: It is best to look at the woman and smile while the praise is being pronounced. However, if a woman shows disinterested, dismissive or even hostile, compliments are inappropriate . Flattering words and positive feedback in such situations leave a man weak and therefore uninteresting. There is no woman to win. The effort would be in vain.

If interest is evident from their side, compliments are generally welcome. They should be advanced and not too thick . Excessive flattering awakens suspicion. Women may get the feeling that they have to pay for it. There is nothing wrong with a spontaneous, nice or funny compliment.

Compliments to her charisma

If you want to get to know a woman, you should restrain yourself with compliments to her appearance. Less is more here. Otherwise, it quickly gives the impression that only a superficial flirt or a one-night stand is desired. Deep compliments are not yet possible in the initial stages of getting to know each other. There is no basis for that. An alternative therefore offers compliments to their charisma.

Good examples:

  • „I noticed you because you have an incredibly warm and beautiful charisma. In the bad weather, most people seem rather depressed. But you are shining! „
  • „I’m sorry to call you that. But I like your charismatic charisma. You come into the room, and I can not help but look at you. You have an incredibly sympathetic and attractive exterior. „
  • „Your laugh is really contagious! I just have to laugh. „

Compliments to her appearance

Compliment to the look
On the date compliments to the appearance are also well received

At the date or in a firm relationship compliments to the appearance are gladly accepted. Women spend much more time than men choosing the right outfit and dressing up for the particular dating occasion. A corresponding compliment honors her effort. However, it is important here that the person is in the foreground, not their make-up, the clothing or the shoes. All these remedies only emphasize their beauty.

Good examples:

  • „Your butt looks amazing in these jeans. The cut fits fabulous to your beautiful curves. I have to keep looking at you, wow! „
  • „The t-shirt looks great on you! It brings out your eye color properly. That was a perfect choice! „
  • „This color is really good for you. You can really wear everything, but turquoise is made for you. „
  • „These shoes are incredibly sexy! They emphasize your well-trained, slim legs. A real eye-catcher!“
  • „Your new hairstyle looks great! She is incredibly good to you! „

Compliments as a mirror of proximity

A compliment should necessarily be true and include a personal touch. Nobody wants to feel like being interchangeable. Praise and recognition are important in interpersonal contacts. They strengthen relationships and ensure intimacy and closeness in the partnership . Women often have problems with their body. They do not feel attractive. They can therefore accept some compliments on their appearance, sometimes badly. Or they suspect that they are being lied to.

Compliments to the personality
Compliments to the personality are particularly popular

They can accept compliments to their character or their personality much better. Every human being longs to be seen as he really is. The partner should look behind the facade – and love what he sees. The more familiar two people are, the deeper the compliments may go. They reflect the already existing closeness and common experiences. Attention: The addressed woman should definitely find herself in the compliment she has received . Otherwise it will be counterproductive. If their self-perception deviates from the perception of others by the man, at worst they get the impression of being completely misjudged. Or she feels pressured to have to match this in her eyes wrong picture.

Good examples:

  • „Waking up next to you is the best moment of the day for me. I love to see how relaxed you are in sleep. „
  • „You are my one and only. I’ll never give you back! „
  • „I know you inside out and love you more every day.“
  • „I love your scent. If I could, I’d bury my nose in your hair all the time. „
  • „In my eyes you are perfect, just as you are.“

Compliments to her character

Good examples:

  • „I find it admirable that you are always so honest!“
  • „You make everything, no matter how ordinary it is, something very special!“
  • „You have an incredibly natural and open way to approach other people. I just love that! „
  • „I love your straightforward way. With you, you can just be wonderfully spontaneous and sometimes make something crazy!“
  • „Great, how you can stay calm in a stressful situation. Even when everything sinks into chaos, you keep track. I can really trust you when things are going up and down and I do not know the way! „

Compliments to the feelings a woman triggers

The decisive point is the right time. After a good conversation, there is another compliment to you than when you say goodbye or in an erotically charged mood.

Good examples:

  • „Thank you for always being there for me and taking the time to listen to me! It’s wonderful that you can take that back. Most of the others would come up with umpteen well-intentioned advice. But you really listen. I feel understood and saved with you. „
  • „I can really talk about everything with you. You are a wonderful conversation partner! „
  • „In your presence, I always feel …“
  • „I just can not get enough of you and I miss you when we just said goodbye.“
  • „You have an incredibly erotic charisma. It makes me crazy when I hear your warm sexy voice. „

Compliments to their abilities

All women have the talents, knowledge and skills they are proud of. This may refer to their professional expertise or privately acquired knowledge. Maybe she is a computer genius, speaks several languages ​​or plays an instrument. Appreciative words about their abilities will not miss their effect . A praise can be combined with a personal touch and a little flirtation.

Good examples:

  • „I do not know anyone who knows computers so well as you do!“
  • „Your language skills are impressive. You can handle words very well and always know the right thing to say. „
  • „You realize that you’re a pianist. Your fingers slide so playfully-easily over the keyboard. I like it when you touch me with your hands. „

Women compliment others

When women are praised and received compliments from other people, they are particularly flattered. However, public compliments should be fundamentally free of sexual allusions.

Good examples:

  • „My girlfriend really knows about …! I can safely leave that to her! „
  • „I do not think so. That’s the strength of my girlfriend. She does that with left. I am glad that I have her. „
  • „If I did not have my girlfriend, I would not know how to do it on my own.“
  • „In my opinion, my girlfriend is unbeatable in it. I do not know anyone who does that better than them. „
  • „We are an ideal team. We complement each other, pull together, and I can no longer imagine a life without my girlfriend. „

What compliments work with women

Compliments can be pronounced out of the situation. They help with flirting, stabilize existing relationships, show closeness and keep feelings alive in long-term relationships . Sometimes they are similar to a declaration of love. Even if they may feel a bit awkward or shy, they will warm the hearts of the women in question – as long as the words are honest and sincere. A compliment is an expression of praise and recognition. Confirmation and positive feedback everyone likes to hear.

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