Virtual Reality Dating
Das Flirten mit VR-Brille könnte Online-Dating revolutionieren

Virtual Reality Dating auf dem Vormarsch

VR glasses make it possible: In the future singles will get in touch with each other in virtual bars. You can hear the flirting voice of the dating partner and get a certain visual impression through the selected avatars. But does the virtual flirt really mean more closeness?

VR dating – real-time talk in an animated nightlife atmosphere

The Dortmund start-up SDC Ventures wants to revolutionize the online dating world with the new dating community MySugardaddy VR . More than half a year of work and the expertise of five computer scientists have so far flowed into the design and programming. Using an avatar, singles can meet and flirt with one another directly in the virtual world.

Thorsten Engelmann and Philip Cappelletti, the idea creators and managers of the platform, are convinced: „VR technology will become a mass medium and revolutionize interpersonal communication.“

(Un) Limited possibilities: Dating world between appearance and being

Visually, setting and avatars have about the charm of Second Life from the turn of the millennium. Really appealing, let alone at the height of time, the graphics are not. The customization options and outfits for avatars leave much to be desired. It is impossible to replicate one’s own style in the light of this. So you are – still inevitably – completely different than you are in reality.

Experience has shown that the technique will not last long at this stage of development. The greeting possibilities of the dating partner are still limited to a static-awkward wave and show. But it’s only a matter of time when hugs or cheek kisses come to it. By and by, probably everything will be possible until virtual sex. There is no doubt that VR technology belongs to the future.

Thorsten Engelmann explains: „We want to create separate rooms into which one can then withdraw with his interlocutor, if one wants to talk alone. But that should cost extra. „

Online dating in this form could result in fewer men posing as women. The voice reveals – in most cases – the actual gender. The VR technology will not prevent fakes . To be feared is rather the opposite: Instead of realistic replica avatars with beer belly, sparse hair and average figure, it should be in virtual bars before sexy model of both sexes teeming. The VR technology will ultimately produce a completely different kind of fakes. Which avatar one creates, the user finally decides himself.

More intense dating experiences?

According to Philip Cappelletti, online dating using VR glasses will be a more immersive experience. Indeed? While you usually get to know each other extensively through written contacts via news or chat, swap photos and get closer, the meeting in the virtual bar reduces itself once again to externals. It can lie between avatar and the real person worlds.

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It remains unclear how serious the flirting is taken when it is more reminiscent of a video game. In any case, everything from flirting to cybersex can be virtually experienced, and this relatively risk-free, quite a few shy singles will probably do without encounters in real life completely. In others, all inhibition thresholds are likely to decline. That men in search of fast sex „hook up“ women arbitrarily and without a touch of decency in virtual bars could become the rule.

The activation of the VR service is planned from autumn 2017. For the user fees, there is no concrete information yet. One thing is certain: If you want to try out the new virtual possibilities, you first have to invest in a bit of domestic technology. In addition to a powerful computer, a VR glasses and headphones are needed.